The Doors of Condessa

Condessa is a neighborhood in Mexico City, just south of Chapultepec Park, which is full of art deco buildings. It centers around the Parque Mexico, a large, wooded, ellipse-shaped park. This is a Sunday morning walking tour of the park and the two avenues that loop around it, Avenida Mexico and Avenida Amsterdam (with houses to match that name!)

DSC_1044.JPG DSC_1059.jpg DSC_1060.jpg
DSC_1052.JPG _DSC6630.jpg _DSC6629.jpg
DSC_1055.JPG _DSC6654.jpg _DSC6631.jpg
_DSC6653.jpg DSC_1068.JPG _DSC6651.jpg
_DSC6634.jpg _DSC6627.jpg DSC_1048.JPG
_DSC6626.jpg _DSC6624.jpg _DSC6625.jpg
_DSC6656.jpg DSC_1050.JPG _DSC6633.jpg
_DSC6640.jpg _DSC6641.jpg _DSC6644.jpg
_DSC6645.jpg _DSC6646.jpg _DSC6648.jpg
_DSC6649.jpg _DSC6650.jpg DSC_1063.JPG
_DSC6652.jpg DSC_1065.jpg DSC_1067.JPG
_DSC6655.jpg DSC_1066.JPG _DSC6664.jpg
DSC_1072.JPG _DSC6661.jpg _DSC6662.jpg
_DSC6663.jpg _DSC6665.jpg _DSC6666.jpg
DSC_1073.jpg _DSC6657.jpg _DSC6658.jpg
DSC_1071.JPG _DSC6659.jpg _DSC6660.jpg
DSC_1069.JPG _DSC6667.jpg _DSC6668.jpg

Last updated: 5/30/07