Madera Canyon

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We decided to hike to a saddle at 6000 feet, from 4500. C You can see it was quite cool in the morning when we started our hike. L Not sure why it's called Super Trail. You can go to the highest peak that way, but we sure didn't! C
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C c Madera canyon's high spots look over the city of Green Valley (which is anything but). C
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The canyon has several beautiful creeks running down it, which also help attract the migratory birds when crossing the desert. L This was a fascinating ecosystem. Sycamore, yucca, grasses, cactus, and pine. L L
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The white barked Sycamore, without leaves in January, marks the path of the creek up the valley. -L L Grasses, agave, pine, yucca, quite a mix. -L
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Ferns and cactus! From desert up to pine. L We were told these were Sycamore.
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We were hiking on the shady side of the mountain until mid-morning. L L L
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L Astronomical observatory atop one peak. Lord knows how they get up there! L L
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warm sun C Blue racing stripes . L L
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L Excuse me, I need sun! L We did not actually hike to the top!
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There was sun at the top, and we met a guy who hikes frequently. We like to hike to saddles, because you are rewarded with a new vista at the top. L L
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L OK, abrupt change. We stopped at San Xavier mission on the way north from Madera canyon. L
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