Taliesin West Studio Tour

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Apprentices (student architects) at Taleisin build their own sleeping shelters. They range widely in size, comfort, suitability to the desert climate, and degree of whimsy. Almost all are visually striking, to say the least.
DSC_2044.JPG DSC_2045.JPG _DSC8844_1.jpg
Original adobe shelter was sweltering in the desert sun, so a later student added a shade fly. A case study: Just completed last year, many months over schedule (due to too much fine detail work).
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Another shelter.
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This one is being reworked to have a fabric outer wall on a curved "shower-curtain" rod, to block night winds. A high-end shelter The materials budget for a shelter is only $1000, but the labor budget can included unlimited hours of wheedling and begging time.
_DSC8857.jpg DSC_2018.JPG DSC_2019.JPG
This shelter arranged for a developer building in the area to donate the whole roofing system... The view from inside, looking across the hammock...
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A very sculptural shelter... .. and built right across a wash. ... with an extreme-cantilever front porch.
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More high concept than practical,the remains of some shelters sit in the desert as cautionary tales to future generations of students.
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A subtle design: two parallel stone piers form a backbone, with a skylight roof between them. A large stone and wood shelter
_DSC8881.jpg _DSC8864_1.jpg DSC_2033.JPG
A simple, practical stone and wood shelter, with solar PV power. A very wild design, by someone who put a lot of time on details and interesting features.
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A crooked doorway, but in the FLW low-entry, opens to surprising spaces.
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Many/most of the shelters have fireplaces for cold desert nights. One wall pivots open for ventilation and an after-hours drafting table!
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PV panels tucked away out back. Can't resist building over washes!
_DSC8893_1.jpg _DSC8894_1.jpg DSC_2042.JPG
Another example of high-style over common-sense: build a glass-block shelter in the desert and it turns out to be an overn... Pretty building, though...
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One of the most formal and very elegant shelters.
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Totally clever design uses steel strips to convey heat out of the firebox and into the room, closer to the bed...
DSC_2049.JPG _DSC8910_1.jpg DSC_2052.JPG
And in the back yard, a research project: combination solar power and sleeping unit for rapid deployment to disaster areas. A shelter built from some of this and some of that, though cozy.
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One last shelter...

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