Las Grutas de Cacahuamilpa, Guerrero, Mexico

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This cave is outside Taxco, in Guerrero and is called Last Grutas de Cacahuamilpa. It's huge!!!!! It's hard to appreciate the scale. The walkway goes in 2km. The ceilings range from 100-240 feet or so. It feels like scuba diving among coral heads.
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Remember, this stuff is formed from minerals in water droplets over millions of years! The guide talked about geology, but mostly he shown his floodlight on features and said "This looks like a horse.... This looks like Sponge Bob." This gives you a feel for the size.
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This "mesa" is literally as big as our house. Remember standing next to fallen Redwoods and counting rings? This is a fallen stalagtite and we could see rings of material. They did some really nice lighting of the cavern.
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The camera distorts the features... these obviously grow absolutely vertical from the drips. I don't know what makes some smooth and some gnarly. Something about air temperature, humidity, and mineral content. The scale? The ceiling is 150-200 feet.
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Feels like coral. Pictures barely give you a sense of the awe we felt seeing it. Here I'm standing next to a piece of stalagtite strewn on the floor like boulders. The geological scale is incomprehensible.
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These ribbon features grow when the drops slide down the cave walls rather then drip through air. Mind boggling. I love this shot. It's like Lord of the Rings or something!

Last updated: 2/26/05