Taxco Feb 2005

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Sunrise in Taxco, from the hotel room Sorta like Greece if you imagine an ocean out there rather than a plain You'll see lots of pictures like this
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Our hotel We had a kitchen, living area with table, chairs and daybed, bedroom and bath. View from our hotel
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Churches should be colorful. Streets are wonderfully intimate in scale The VW is a critical part of the infrastructure of Mexico...
_DSC2513.JPG _DSC2518.JPG _DSC2520.JPG is the mercado. Everything you can imagine is available. Everything is available fresh daily. Heaven is fresh fruit!
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Heaven is fresh cheese! The giant market complex includes food at all stages, from live animals to meals on a plate. FRESH STRAWBERRIES IN FEBRUARY!
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Larry getting a fresh strawberry smoothie and fresh orange juice. The vitality here is great. Even the flowers are fresh daily. It was also Valentine's D ay.
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The church on the square is the focal point, and the key to navigating! This is a hairpin turn that even a VW cannot go around without having to back up and turn. And it's a 2 way street. The following sequence of photos is the VW dance of Taxco. Nose to nose....
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The car facing downhill goes left... The car coming uphill passes inside... The second uphill car knows he cannot make the turn in one pass so he stops and prepares to back up....
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Having backed up, the uphill car can continue around the corner... ..and the second uphill car takes his run at it... ... going forward and backing up to clear the corner and then the first car can go down and the dance is done!
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Restaurant with music. Obsessed with those strawberries. RED ALL THE WAY THROUGH! Kids in costume in the plaza. Something to do with Lent.
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Yikes! Outreageous church architecture. Jesus statue above the town.
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Jesus' view See, the church IS always visible. This church was having a parish festival, even though it was Lent. The tower is a fireworks display with spinning wheels and showers. We watched them construct it.
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These are fireworks displays you put on your shoulders, lite, then run around spewing sparks and bursts! The Tower was almost as tall as the church. Beside the church was a carnival atmosphere with sweets, games, cotton candy, and beer.
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They rang the bells at the end of the fireworks. There were 2 or 3 bands at the festival. Here's one of many explosions.
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The wheels have showering jets that make them start to spin Each wheel had fireworks that made shapes in color and the colors changed as they burned. Several wheels spun at once.
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It ended with fireworks set off from the top of the roof and the bells peeling. There was always fresh greenery growing everywhere. The town is mostly steep cobblestone walkways and stairs. Most streets are not drivable by cars.
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I love this architecture, always balconies and patios and tile. Your morning commute? Even the streets for cars are very narrow.
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Classy. Sorry, the church again. A really cute neighborhood.
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We found a purple restaurant on a balcony over the street. February. The parting shot.

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