Diego Rivera's Anahuacalli Museum

Designed by the artist to house his personal collection of pre-Columbian artifacts and to provide a large, glass-walled studio for himself. The museum was only completed after his death...

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_DSC6884.jpg _DSC6843_1.jpg DSC_1127.JPG
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_DSC6850_1.jpg DSC_1147.JPG _DSC6898_1.jpg
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DSC_1156.JPG DSC_1154.JPG _DSC6912.jpg
DSC_1161.JPG _DSC6899.jpg _DSC6900.jpg
_DSC6897_1.jpg _DSC6861_1.jpg DSC_1170.JPG
_DSC6863_1.jpg _DSC6864_1.jpg _DSC6927.jpg
_DSC6929.jpg _DSC6915.jpg _DSC6916.jpg
_DSC6928.jpg _DSC6931.jpg _DSC6932.jpg
_DSC6933.jpg _DSC6934.jpg DSC_1171.JPG
DSC_1173.JPG DSC_1174.JPG DSC_1175.JPG
_DSC6938.jpg _DSC6946.jpg DSC_1177.JPG
_DSC6947.jpg _DSC6949.jpg _DSC6950.jpg
_DSC6953.jpg _DSC6956_1.jpg

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Last updated: 5/30/07