Sylvania+Nicolet 2006

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A three-boat trip: the dory to carry the camping gear, and 2 kayaks for daytrips/portaging... On the road with boats Carol leads the way into Crooked lake, in the Sylvania Wilderness Area
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Larry rowing the dory and towing his kayak Carol comes alongside for a map check Made it: all boats ashore at Fox campsite, 3.5 miles back through Crooked Lake
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Kind of like car-camping, only wetter! Our campsite on Crooked Lake Bonus from 'car-camping': a screen house to cook & eat without skeeters!
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Yum: bacon and eggs and a big pot of Just Coffee! Campfire prep... ... and campfire tending
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Our skin-on-frame kayaks: 35 lbs each, but you REALLY have to watch for underwater snags! Not every day was blue-skied and sunny... Sylvania is an unmanaged forest: deadfalls everywhere in many stages of decay
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Beach-combing along the edge of Loon Lake We never did figure out what creature made these little sandballs around its hole
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Looking up the southern half of Clark Lake Mouldering into a sea of green
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Taking a break at another Crooked Lake campsite
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A tiny path on Mountain Lake into a boggy area to explore The bogginess is slowly filling in the lake, first with floating plants, then small pines Carol became obsessed with how dead trees form a habitat for new vegetation, and shorelines fill in

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