Sylvania+Nicolet 2006 - page 3

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The upper chain of lakes has Milfoil, and the lower chain does NOT want it! Yup, they'll even take your jetski across Duck's-eye view of a boat coming down
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Some cute homebuild kayaks These were a family project. We saw them later going pretty fast!
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Paddling a backwater of the Eagle River The shore at Wolf lake on a glassy afternoon. New pines filling in the bog many yards in front of the original shoreline
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Morning on Wolf lake, getting ready for a photo-paddle Off to search for pitcher plants
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Trying to photograph pitcher plants in the bog. These are the size of my fist. Here's what the flower bud looks like now, I assume long after peak.
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Where's Waldo, err, Carol? Stalking the wild pitcher plants, of course Kayaks are perfect for up-close-and-personal photos...
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The bogs close off whole chunks of lake and slowly swallow them Pitcher plant periscopes Cool pattern inside
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Not just a few pitcher plants. but whole colonies, all along the shoreline There are little hairs inside too, and liquid to catch insects. Returning to our campsite on the last paddle of the trip

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